INTRODUCING: A Path to Invoking The Healing Power of Divine Spirit
 Divine Healing Illumination:
Connect With The Healing Power Of Your Loving Spirit Team On The Most Intimate, Deepest Level Imaginable
Here Is What It Does For you...
Each session rinses away tension, stress, and opens your heart and clears your mind for you... Beginner friendly!
Zero meditation experience required because your Spirit will support you even if you've tried meditation before with no success...  
All you have to do is simply press play and listen. Your Spirit will uplift you and take you further along your spiritual unfoldment that can change your life forever...
Your spirit will enfold you with the energy of love as they wash away any energy of trauma, sadness, fear, replacing them with love, peace, and light vibration.
 You will be amazed as your spiritual power builds and your spiritual senses begin to strengthen as you share your light to the world... 
Included with the Divine Healing Illumination Suite is unlimited downloads and streaming of these 6 powerful .mp3 spiritual empowerment sessions:
1. Spirit Attunement - Raise Your Vibration With Your Spirit Team 

2. Unleash Your Spiritual Power - Sitting In The Power

3. Amazing Healing - Transform Your Body & Life With The Divine 

4. Raising Your Vibration - Spiritual Manifestation 

5. Unleash Your Creative Power - Foretelling Your Future 

6. Complete Spiritual Protection - A Survival Tool For The Sensitives
>>Yes, Give Me The Divine Healing Illumination Sessions For $147!<<
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Yoshie Miakoda is the author of the book, “Destined to Blossom”,  the creator of several online empowerment training programs, and a certified spiritual medium who shares her tested ability at spirit communication with clients from all over the world - bringing healing, comfort and guidance to the bereaved and troubled.  Aside from being a medium, Yoshie is also a certified Usui Reiki Master teacher, hypnotherapist, and high performance coach.

As someone who had struggled many years from extreme personal challenges but transformed her life dramatically, making a living doing what she truly loves, she is committed to helping people from all walks of life to realize their spiritual potential and assisting them to step into their own power so that they can live a more purposeful, rewarding, and fulfilling life.  

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