Yoshie Miakoda 
"What If I Told You That You Already Are A Medium And 
Spiritually Gifted?" 
(Revealing The Unusual But Tested And Proven Strategies That Almost Nobody Knows About How To Unfold Your Spiritual Abilities.......)

From Yoshie Miakoda 
Honolulu, Hawaii
Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to communicate with loving spirits? 

Are you curious to know what a spiritual medium actually experiences when they connect with the Spiritual World?

Most of my life, the word Mediumship (Spirit Communication) or a Medium was completely foreign to me…. 

A little over 10 years ago I never thought I’d be in the position to help comfort the bereaved by helping them to connect with their loved ones who crossed over to the other side. 

I never thought in a million years I’d be called an Evidential Spiritual Medium, giving over 6,000 private readings to people from all walks of life from around the world. 

After all, most of my adult life, I was so insecure and confused and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and what contained within me! 

I was far removed from spirituality, mediumship, God or anything of that nature. 

I suffered from insecurity, emptiness, abuse, and depression…. 

But ONE thing changed my life forever… when I was going through a rough period in my life, my little spark of hope to live a better life created an opening for Divine help and my spirit guides and helpers helped me see my innate spiritual abilities and my life is forever changed. 

I never knew that contained within me are God-given spiritual abilities which I've been using to inspire and uplift others. 

I now realize nothing I experienced in the past was wasted….

All my past heartbreaks, emotional and physical pains helped me summon a desire to reach for a better life and prepared me to become a medium with commitment and integrity. 

I didn't have a clue at the time, but all of my past experiences gave birth to this beautiful awareness of my connection with Source Energy and everyone in this world and beyond. 

If you are going through a challenging period in your life, know that it is temporary and that you are forever supported by the grace and love of Spirit. 

You are going to use all your past experiences, both painful and joyful ones, not only to empower yourself but also help empower those in need to live a more joyful life. 

When you live your life with the awareness of your own spiritual gifts and spiritual team, you'll never feel lost regardless of what's going on around you.  

You'll always feel supported. 

You can experience much excitement and joy when you learn to tap into your innate spiritual gifts. 

You see when you learn to connect with the spirit world, which has much higher vibrational frequencies compared to the ones of this dense planet earth, your own energy gets elevated and when your energy gets elevated, you'll start noticing great opportunities that you didn't see before.  

You'll start meeting people who are supportive and uplifting and the information that you seek comes to you quickly and easily. 

But, in order to awaken your gift of Spirit, it requires your willingness to explore....

If you are willing even just a tiny bit to explore your spirit within, you’ll be amazed by what is contained within you. 

About 12 years ago, a spiritual medium told me that anyone can become a medium…. 

He was right. 

I know that every person is a medium but most people are not aware of their connection with the Source and their own gift within. 

Not everyone will be willing and courageous enough to explore what’s within. 

Because once you become aware of what's within, you realize you are fully responsible of your own life... you feel a strong urge to graduate from the life of blaming and living small. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people to become aware of and harness their mediumistic ability. 

All of my students had it... the gift of Spirit

Most of them didn't even know they had the gift. 
 Mediumship is NOT complicated. 
 It's not about opening and closing chakras or learning tons of protection techniques. 
 It’s nothing to do with acquiring something new… 
 It's nothing to do with talent.
Some will tell you that it's only for "the gifted" and it's an exclusive gift. 

Some will even tell you that mediumship is only for special people. 
But the Truth is We are All Special and Gifted with the Power of Spirit.
Mediumship is about learning to see what's already there.

Just imagine that you have a tiny birthmark on your back... 

You don't know it's there. 

Someone comes along and points out your birthmark. 

Then she proceeds to show you the birthmark by holding a mirror for you. 

She then teaches you to hold the mirror in a certain way so that you can see the birthmark by yourself.  

My job is to first hold the mirror for you sort to speak and then teach you to hold the mirror in a certain way so that you can see your innate spiritual gift for yourself and be amazed by it!

If you are ready to see what's contained within you and live a spirit inspired life, come join me and experience a magical weekend of Mediumship Development Training where you will surely be enthralled by the power of your Spirit within! 

I'd be happy to share with you my years of experiences, knowledge, and discoveries on Spirit Communication.  

I promise you that I'll hold nothing back! 

Who Am I?
I have been working as a professional medium over a decade now and I'm a trained and certified medium. In addition to my mediumistic background, I'm a master hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and High Performance Coach. 
I have taught Mediumship to hundreds of students worldwide, coached and gave private spiritual readings to over 6000 people worldwide. I also consider myself as an investigator and researcher of mediumship. 

My passion and commitment have also been to uncover EXACTLY how I'm doing what I'm able to do and explain it in an easy-to-understand way to help people see and learn how to become a spirit messenger themselves. 

You see, my mediumistic abilities came to my full awareness after I had a tragic experience in my life. 

I didn't know how exactly the mechanics and process of mediumship worked. I just started seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits all of a sudden.  

So this started my mission to uncover step- by- step process of the art of mediumship. 

Yes, I've read numerous books on mediumship, healing, psychology, brain, mindset, the law of attraction, and took spirit communication classes, healing classes, hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming, simply to create the most effective, powerful but easy way to help others to tap into their own spiritual gifts. 

Now I can say with confidence that, after teaching many students my method of mediumship, I have a powerful system that I can share with you and help you awaken or shall we say see and experience your spiritual gift. 

Some teachers have their firm set way in terms of teaching mediumship and they will force you or push you to conform to their mediumistic style.  If you do not follow their way, you'll be condemned in one way or the other. 

Some teachers make the process more complicated than it should be...having you "open and close your chakras" or doing some "protection method". 

The truth is mediumship is not complicated. 

I personally do not believe in that way of teaching. I see your strengths and uniqueness and help you create YOUR unique way of working with spirits. 

I simply do not believe "ONE RIGHT WAY"... 

There is more than one path to the top of the mountain. 

I will Help You Find Your Own Unique Style and Way of Working with Spirits. 
First, Some Evidence of the Success Obtained by Our Workshop Participants 
Rev. Dr. Michael Nedbal
Vice President, Divine Love Ministry

Yoshie's mediumship workshop was an incredible experience. For many years I have believed in the ability for spirits to communicate with mortals. I have read countless books containing messages of such communication. And I have sat with mediums who received incredibly inspiring messages from spirits. But I have always wanted to connect with spirits myself. Yoshie laid the foundation for the intellectual understanding of how spirit communication works. By using her techniques, which were unique among the many books that I have read, I was able to effectively make undeniable connections to spirits in the spirit world. How exciting and rewarding this was for me! I have tried spirit communication in the past with little success. 

Yoshie taught me specific methods in how to "blend" my energy with the spirits which resulted in very strong and undeniable connections. The workshop opened a whole new universe for me to explore. I came away with the understanding and confidence that I needed to further pursue my studies in spirit communication. If you are at all interested in mediumship and spirit communication I highly recommend Yoshie's workshop. The veil will drop and you will experience first hand, communication from the other side.
Lori , Financial Adviser

I attended Yoshie's training purely as moral support for a family member who did not want to go through the workshop alone. I've never been gifted or talented in any way shape or form with regards to being a medium, nor did I expect to ever acquire the ability. Coming in with the mentality of simply a spectator, it was truly amazing what I got out of the weekend retreat. It was fascinating to learn the history and background of mediums, various techniques, and how it has changed and evolved throughout time. However the real amazement came while learning the techniques of mediumship and understanding that everyone has it to a certain degree. Through the various exercises and training, our class experienced incredible messages from spirit that allowed me to truly embrace the gifts and abilities I was not even aware I already had. It's not magic, it's not immediate, it is truly hard work and a test of your ability to be aware and present--something oddly enough, we rarely do in life. Yoshie was a phenomenal teacher helping to guide and support each person through their journey of discovery. It was a weekend that brought much peace, comfort, and understanding of something much greater than ourselves. Whether you want to do this professionally or are just curious, I highly recommend this course. Not only will you experience the amazing gift of spirit, but you'll also gain a new perspective on life and hopefully change the way you live it for the better.
Emi, Attorney, Honolulu, HI

When I signed up for Yoshie’s mediumship 101 course, I had no idea what to expect. I was not intending to become a practicing medium, but I was curious about the spirit world after having seen Yoshie connect to so many loved ones during her readings. As most people are, I was skeptical, but at the same time open to learning. Yoshie provided a brief history of spirit communication and an introductory lesson in various forms of mediumship, which was very helpful for me having had no knowledge whatsoever. 

I was amazed during our mediumship 101 course that each and every one of the students was able to attune to the spirit world and bring through loved ones with accurate detail. I recall another student who was able to communicate with my grandma with so much detail, down to the knee-high stockings she wore and the stew she cooked for me every time I visited. The depth of what occurred during this course left me with the unshakable and certain belief that we can all communicate with our loved ones in the spirit world…it just takes an open heart, guidance from Yoshie, belief in ourselves, and practice.

My experience during the mediumship 101 course was so uplifting and enlightening that I welcomed the opportunity to take Yoshie’s mediumship 201 course. In the mediumship 201 course, all of the students were put through rigorous exercises to hone our mediumship abilities. I think each of us left with a renewed sense of confidence that we all indeed can communicate with the spirit world. 

What I saw from both courses is that Yoshie is committed to the success of all her students, and she does so in a loving and safe environment. We were all blessed by Yoshie’s willingness to teach us in a few days what she has learned over the course of years.

As a lifelong Christian, I am so thankful to have been a part of Yoshie’s mediumship 101 and 201 courses. What I have gained is the confidence to help others heal…by providing them with evidence that their loved ones who have passed are at peace and are always watching over them until the day they see each other again.
Anissa, Customer Service Representative

Yoshie wasn’t kidding. Experiencing spirit communication first hand profoundly changed my life. It confirmed what I’ve been sensing all these years, and raised my understanding of it to an entirely different level. It’s one thing to have someone give you a reading, but to receive the messages yourself, especially for the first time, was a very humbling and exciting experience. It was a moment I will never forget! Yoshie’s guidance, knowledge, and information helped build a good foundation in understanding mediumship. I learned to ground myself and raise my vibration in a different and more powerful way. The exercises she provided made me more focused and aware of what I was sensing. For me, it was about trusting and believing that I could do this. Once I did, everything just felt and came so naturally. I was able to feel, hear, see, and smell things while communicating. It was amazing! 
Eika, Business Owner ( Chiropractic & Therapeutic Massage Clinic)
I have read many books about mediumship, and studied on my own in the past, but had never taken a workshop. I had even tinkered with the thought of traveling to England to study mediumship. I found a couple of schools I was interested in but gave up due to the long distance and expense.  

So when I saw Mrs. Yoshie Chihara's profile, I was very excited because she is right here in Hawaii! Reading about Yoshie’s knowledge and experience, I expected no less than a superb experience.  

My expectations were met and exceeded.  

The class moved smoothly, was well organized, informative, and FUN! We laughed and cried. It was such a great group guided by an excellent teacher. We played many games testing our mediumship capabilities, and I was amazed at what I experienced.  

In my daily communication with others, I had often assumed or guessed about capabilities without really knowing if I had a knack for it or if it was just my imagination. So most of the time, I ended up not finding out whether my intuition had any basis in reality.  

But in this class, I found out that what I felt or saw in my mind during the training wasn’t just my imagination! It was amazing and it made me realize that I can trust my instincts and intuition!

I will highly recommend Mrs.Yoshie’s class to anyone who is interested in Mediumship development.

Thank you!!
Corinne Travillion, M.B.A., Retired Marketing Executive

I had no mediumship experience, so I started listening to Yoshie's "Spirit Attunement" CD. I used the CD almost daily for three months before attending the first workshop intensive, Mediumship 101. Yoshie's guided meditations helped me to blend with Source and my spirit team, paving the way for spirit communication. "Spirit Attunement" continues to be an important part of my meditative practice.

I attended Mediumship 101 and 201 six months apart. In just a short time, I was able to receive evidential information, thanks to Yoshie's specific techniques and support. It has been a life-changing experience, for myself and others as well. There is such power, comfort and understanding in evidential mediumship.
Adele Lau
I always had an interest in mediumship but was doubtful that I could even begin to learn the concepts and techniques. 

 I decided to take a course through Spiritual Solutions because of the positive results I had with Yoshie on a previous Spiritual Communication session. Although nothing is a guarantee, I believed Yoshie would give me the best chance in gaining confidence and showing me various techniques to use to allow me to gain spiritual awareness and strengthen my mediumship capability. 

In class, she made everyone feel comfortable and allowed us to ask infinite amount of questions. She taught us different techniques and tools to use and gave us many opportunities to practice what was learned without ever letting anyone feel less skilled than the other classmates. Yoshie always had a positive approach, was very understanding to each students abilities, and somehow knew when to ask the students the right questions about what we were feeling in a kind and very compassionate way. At times, it would get emotional because of the positive readings we were getting from fellow students, but there was never once that anyone felt uncomfortable. In fact, I found this to be a soul lifting experience. The result of all this was that I was able to give multiple evidential information to other classmates, including Yoshie, during this training. Prior to this course, I had little mediumship experiences.

I would definitely recommend Spiritual Solutions to anyone that is ready to unleash their mediumship capabilities. 
Bessie, Counselor, Oahu, HI

I went to Yoshie about three years ago because I had been seeking a medium to hopefully make contact with my mother who had passed away around that time. Yoshie was able to make contact with my mother and I felt a sense of peace and a confirmation that my mother’s spirit does live on.

I was inspired and curious to know if I could develop this gift as I wanted to learn how to continue to connect with my mother. I pondered for a couple of years to take a mediumship course and I finally made the decision to do just that and I chose Yoshie as my teacher.

2015 was a landmark year for me and I am happy to say that I have completed both courses and feel very confident in the mediumship skills I have learned. Yoshie’s ability to encourage, trust, and with great passion draw our mediumship gifts out in a very organic and experiential way truly assisted me in knowing I am a medium and can be of support to others in this way. 

I highly recommend Yoshie to anyone who is seeking to learn to become a medium. Thank you Yoshie. I am blessed to have learned from you.
Grant M, Honolulu, HI

Hi Yoshie - I just wanted to thank you for the time 
that we all spent together this past weekend. You really and truly put a lot of 
your own time and energy into these courses and with us. The amount of thought 
and effort you put into preparing these courses for us is evident. This course 
went beyond anything that I could have comprehended and far surpassed the 
expectations that I had prior to starting the course. I am still quite amazed at 
how everything unfolded and the amount of things that we all accomplished in 
just two days! It is absolutely incredible!! All of this could not have happened 
without your guidance. The exercises that we participated in were challenging 
and fun at the same time. Our ability to connect with spirit and achieve higher 
levels of spirit communication was facilitated by the comfortable environment 
that you so carefully created for us. You helped us all to realize that it is 
okay to make mistakes and that this really isn't about us. Its really about how 
we can be of better service to spirit and mankind. This is a truly beautiful 
thing. I am so grateful for you and everything you have done and continue to 
do!! I know I must have said this a million times, but I'll make it a million 
and one - You are such an inspiration and a blessing to us all!! I am definitely 
looking forward to our next course. I'm already having withdraws from our group 
LOL! The energy was so perfect that I think I miss it. I'll see you 
God bless you always,
Michelle T, Honolulu, HI

Thank you Yoshie for the congratulations! I 
would not being able to discover and develop this amazing gift with out your 
help. You make me feel comfortable with my self. You are an awesome 
mentor/teacher! My mom did a good job sending me to
you! I am very much looking forward to course 201!
Steve D, Honolulu, HI

 Hi Yoshie, Just a quick note to say how 
powerful the weekend turned out to be. I completely enjoyed meeting the others, 
(all the others, both physical and spiritual) and what a jumping off place 
you've created. Thank-you so much for all your effort on our behalf. I'm 
enjoying it completely. Looking forward to connecting again soon. 
 Client Voices
Dear Yoshie! I came to see you on November 2.....I was in such deep grief and sorrow over my boyfriends passing. I thought my heart would never mend for he was my best friend. His death was so sudden that they were many things that was never said. The funeral was on November 4th...and there was sadness...but I felt more at ease because I know that he is okay and still in a sense he is still with me! My grieving is so much faster and easier. I still miss him. Holding him and hearing his voice. Words can not express the appreciation that I have for you. You described him exactly! Everything even his personality! The message that he sent to you to give me is what I wanted to hear....that is what mended my heart!!once again thank you. I will book another session with you soon!  
Raynellen Adams
Dearest Yoshie,
I have been meaning to follow up with you in regards to our session. I just wanted to share with you my deepest appreciation for the bridge you provided between the spirit world and our hearts and understanding. It definitely provided a great catharsis in light of our losses as well as reassured my spiritual beliefs. I am grieving still but it has shifted in its quality since our session. I am truly inspired to open myself up more so that I can receive the messages and omni presence of my mother. 

Kayko T
 I have had several readings with Yoshie, and I keep coming beck because it is so much fun to have her communicate with my "dead people!" She has been able to connect and communicate with my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law and other loved ones. She was able to learn how they died and to who they were by correctly interpreting the details they provide to her, so I knew who was coming through. She was able to connect with them so closely that many aspects of their personalities were able to shine through from wherever they are now. 
It is inspiring and reassuring to have Yoshie communicate so precisely with my loved ones who have passed. Knowing they are fine and that they are still with me is immensely comforting, and hearing what they have to say about life now is enlightening. 
Sarah. P. West Virginia 
 I just had a reading session with yoshie today.
And I would like to say thank you. 
I cry every single day since my husband passed away.
But I feel so much better now.
she told me many pieces of evidence while she was contacting with my husband.
My husband was there!! That was my husband!!!
Again, Thank you so much.
Please tell her, Thank you so much.
Miki H. 
My experience with Yoshie changed my life. I was very apprehensive of seeing a psychic medium, but at the same time intrigued. I just held my breath and jumped. I am so glad I did. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I went to a Soul Regression Session and it was great. Words could not explain what I felt and my life changed. I got words from my Grandmother who passed and also had a connection with my Father. I was in tears. I am so excited to go to another session with Yoshie. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
Lisa M, Honolulu
I have had two telephone sessions with Yoshie, who far exceeded my expectations with each call. Almost immediately upon answering the phone, Yoshie was able to make contact with varied family members, who gave messages of support for several important issues about which I was concerned and about which Yoshie had no previous knowledge. Yoshie's accurate physical and personality descriptions confirmed each message came from a member of my family. Yoshie's warmth, down to earth and caring approach made each session especially meaningful to me. I highly recommend her as a skilled, caring, accurate and thorough psychic medium
Latifu M, Sacramento, CA
I have had the privilege of having two wonderful sessions with Yoshie. The first time I was going to her by myself but at the last minute, I asked my husband & mother-in-law if they wanted to come along. Well, I believe Spirit wanted to have all three of us there - we all received messages - me from my parents, and my father-in-law had messages for my husband & his mother. The session brought so much calmness to our lives and I believe that the experience also helped my husband & I deal with the sudden passing of his mother. To know that she lives on and that one day we will see each other again. I knew from that reading that I needed to return with my sisters and was so glad that I did because they too experienced the life changing messages from our parents. My mother had a chance to thank my sister for all she did for her during her illness and my brother-in-law was able to tell my other sister that he's always around - keeping an eye on things and that he'll be there when it is her time to make the transition. She was able to describe our loved ones and convey messages with accuracy. Yoshie is such a loving person & talented medium - she is spot on and she makes you feel so comfortable during the readings. Thank you Yoshie.
Brenda S., Honolulu, Hi

100% Success So Far And Here Is Why? 
Mediumship abilities are not something outside of yourself. 

They are already within you. 

Nobody taught you how to become aware of your natural abilities and use them consciously. 

My job is to teach and guide you to become aware of what you already have and we'll do so in an environment that is conducive to create success and empowerment. 

The course will be taught in a small group so that you'll receive individualized attention which makes this whole training absolutely powerful. 

There are other courses where hundreds of people are in a program. When working with a large group, you'll not be able to receive individualized attention which naturally affects your outcome in an undesirable way. 

And that's why I am absolutely committed to having a small intimate group of like-minded people as the environment is a MUST for creating a powerful outcome.    
It's a Great Opportunity to Tap into Your Greatness and Uncover Your Gift of Spirit in a Safe Supportive Environment. 
This training is not only for those who want to or are already working as a psychic or / and medium, but it is also for those who are new to mediumship and ready to make profound changes in their life. 
The training will give you the tools you need to step right into your own power of magnificence.  

Register for the mediumship training today and get ready for an inspiring, transformative weekend and experience for yourself the power that lies within you!  
This training will be my LAST MEDIUMSHIP WORKSHOP revealing my unique process of mediumship and offering you my individualized attention at a physical location as I have other commitments that I need to fulfill.

Have You Already Participated In My Previous Training? 
Even if you have participated in my previous training, you'll learn so much from this upcoming training and you are welcome to join us as I'll gently guide you to expand your  comfort zone and skills ;-) You'll enjoy it tremendously taking your mediumship to the next level of unfoldment. 
Is Mediumship Dangerous?
Many years ago, I was told by some well-intentioned and well known psychics that mediumship is dangerous and they discouraged me to continue my path of being a medium. 

They told me I would be bothered by spirits all the time against my will and that my life would be negatively affected by spirits. 

When I heard that I just knew that it was wrong!  

I've been working as a spiritual medium well over a decade now and I've never ever experienced anything negative when working with spirits but only love and upliftment. 

We need to understand two main points when it comes to mediumship. The first point is free will and the second point is love.

We all have free will. If you are not willing or wishing to link with spirits they cannot bother you as they cannot work against your will. 

You are in charge. 

However, if you believe that they can bother you whenever they want, your belief itself can create an illusional experience that makes you think that spirits are bothering you - it's simply the law of attraction at work! 

The second point is love. Mediumship is only possible with love. If there is no love, there is no spirit communication...very simple and straightforward.  

It's not easy for spirits to connect with mediums and the reason why they even make an effort to connect with the physical world is because there is love between you and spirits. Loving energy is critical in spirit communication. Love means God and mediumship is about working in the energy of God.  

To be truthful, mediumship brought me only positive and absolutely rewarding experiences and amazing people. 

So to answer the question, mediumship is NOT dangerous. YOU are safe and absolutely in charge of you when it comes to mediumship and working with spirits. 

You are always protected. 

You are in God. God is in you, always. 
So What Can You Do with Your Awakened Spiritual Abilities? 
After you take this course, you’ll feel very excited and have a strong desire to use your newly discovered abilities right away and make a positive contribution to the world. If you have never done any kind of healing work prior to this course, that's ok and it's great! 

This will get you started on living your life’s purpose as you learn to be courageous and step outside of your comfort zone and start doing things that you have been wanting to do but procrastinated. 

You may feel a stronger pull to study more healing arts or delve even deeper into mediumship to fulfill your mission here on earth and start working as a professional spiritual medium and that's wonderful. 

Or, you may use your spiritual abilities in your work environment. As you work with people, you’ll start to sense others better and you may be able to comfort those who are going through difficulties. You may uplift the energy in the room with your newly found skills. You can also use the abilities to decipher which choices are good for you or not good for you. You can even sense whom you can trust or cannot trust.

If you are already doing any kind of healing or working in a wellness industry, your newly discovered abilities will simply enchase your skills to the whole new level.   

Mediumship is not just about connecting with your loved ones who crossed over to the other side but it can also bring so many amazing life- altering benefits as your awareness expands in all directions in addition to your vibrational frequency getting heightened which helps you to see the things that you didn't see before, which includes great opportunities and you'll be courageous enough to claim the opportunities and make the right decisions that bring more joy into your life.
What's Included With the Training? 
 2 Day Intensive Mediumship Unfolding Training in Honolulu, HI
 A Mediumship Workbook
 Your Certificate of Completion
 Light Snacks
PLUS, Eight Great Bonuses Totaling Over $700 You Are Going to Receive With the Live Training
  •  BONUS 1: Sitting in the Power Practice Audio MP3 ($12 Value)
  • BONUS 2: Spirit Attunement Practice Audio MP3 ($12 Value)
  • BONUS 3: Usui Reiki Level I Practitioner & Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification Training Program ($97 Value)
  •  BONUS 4: Usui Reiki Level II Advanced Reiki Practitioner Online Certification Training Program ($97 Value)
  • BONUS 5: Reiki Master Teacher & Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certification Training Program ($297 Value)
  • BONUS 6: Book 1 - Genuine Mediumship Or The Invisible Powers PDF ($10 Value)
  •  BONUS: Book 2 - Practical Mind Reading PDF ($10 Value)
  • BONUS: Life Time Email Support For Your Mediumship Unfoldment (Priceless)
If you are wanting to become a healing practitioner, the bonuses alone will get you started on living a life of purpose, service, and contribution. 
Register for Uncovering Your Spiritual Gift Mediumship Training Workshop Today!
I'm Looking Forward to Guiding You to Unleash and Harness Your Gift of Spirit and Live a Spirit Inspired Life. 

Your Spirit, Your Power.

With much love,
From: Yoshie Miakoda 
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