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Training #1 
Understanding Your 
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Learn To Quiet Your Mind
Training #3
Strengthen Your Intuitive Muscles
"They are wonderful. Everyone should have them..."
Rich Patenaude
Wealth Coach to Young Adults
 Author of The Student Millionaire (
Simple And Powerful Way Of Getting In Touch With 
Your Inner Spirit......
Learning to enter your sacred inner space is a necessary step to get to know yourself and gain access to your spiritual power and Divine guidance withinThis powerful transformative program can help you get in touch with your inner spirit and unleash your natural spiritual giftNever meditated before?No problem! The theta brainwave sound in the background will gently guide you to enter your natural state of peace and expanded awareness. 
Here Are A Few Of The Things That This Powerful Program Can Help You Experience...
  •  Heighten Your Spiritual Awareness
  •   Awaken Your Extrasensory Perception
  •  Strengthen Your Soul Power 
  •  Increase Creativity 
  •  Invite Calmness And Relaxation Into Your Body, Mind, & Spirit 
  •  Build  A Powerful Connection With Your Spiritual Guides
  •  Attune To The Light Energy Of The Spiritual World
  •  Learn To Notice The Guidance From Within
  •  Connect With Your Inner Peace
What's Included: 

Program 1: Spirit Attunement Program
Session 1: Introduction 
Session 2: Spirit Attunement 
Session 3: Sitting In The Power 
[MP3 Audio Program]

Program 2: Personal Affirmations & Mantras Ebook [PDF]

Program 3: Strengthening Your Intuitive Muscles Training
Take Action Now And Experience Peace, Love, And Spirit
Spirit Attunement Program 
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"Yoshie's guided meditations helped me to blend with Source and my spirit team, paving the way for spirit communication. "Spirit Attunement" continues to be an important part of my meditative practice." 
~ Corinne T, Kauai, USA

"I LOVE the cd! I do my attunement and sitting in the power daily. Thank you sooo much for creating this powerful cd!!! Blessings," - Mary Martin, Canada

"I have received it and I'm using it daily. Thanks again." - Joan W, Victoria, Australia

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your guided meditations. They are wonderful. Everyone should have them.The meditations are both truly healing and enlightening. They bring you into a world that too few people take the time or are willing to explore. I am so happy they came my way. All best wishes," 
~ Rich Patenaude,  U.S.A. 
Wealth Coach to Young Adults,Author of The Student Millionaire

"I have received it and I'm using it daily.  Thanks again " -Joan W - Victoria, Australia

"I have heard through it and are really looking forward to my weekdays attunements now with the cd:)
~ Rune Engelien,  Norway

They are beautiful! I've enjoyed listening to them thus far and will continue to listen to them for a very long time. Your voice is lovely. Thanks again 
~Joei Nguyen
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